Hey there!

My name is Kristi and I am a bookworm. If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I have had my head in one book or another since before I even knew what a letter was…never mind a word or a sentence. I have always loved books and words and stories; there is just something about curling up in a cozy chair with a book that settles my soul like little else can.

So the story goes, when I was a kid I was so enamored with books and learning that I used to make my parents read junior novels for bedtime stories, and could often be found sgalician-literature-day-spainitting in front of the bookshelf flipping through the pages of an encyclopedia. My sister swears that I used to make her read the “encyco-lo-pedia” to me at bedtime, too. This all started when I was barely five years old.

I have always known that my mother loves to read, and has lost the use of her bedside table to the piles of books she keeps there. As a kid, if she started reading a book, it would take us kids everything but burning the house down to get her attention. She likes reading, and it seems her passion for books has been passed down to me. About a year ago, it finally became obvious to me that this love of books was no accident; we were clearing out our family room downstairs, which involved finally unpacking a giant pile of boxes that had never been dealt with after our last move. We opened the first box to find it filled with books, so we gently folded the flaps back up and put it in the storage area. We unpacked a couple boxes of random kitchenwares that seemingly were never missed, and things from mom’s sewing room she hadn’t had a chance to miss yet. And then we opened box after box filled with dictionaries, encyclopedias, children’s books, novels, books on Catholicism and Christianity, bibles, history books, textbooks…etc. We had a friend helping us unpack and shuffle boxes around and she looked up at me and exclaimed,

“It’s like you grew up in a library!”

And I can’t disagree. There was never a shortage of books in the house.

I used to use the website Goodreads to track my reading habits, but I got a little frustrated with that method so I’ve decided to share my library with you here. While this is mostly for my benefit, if you are interested definitely check the below page(s) out and feel free to let me know what you are reading or what you thought of the books we have in common.

Books Read in 2014

Books Read in 2015


I am planning to do a few book reviews in the future. If I do review a book, I will make sure to change the book title in the corresponding list into a hyperlink to the review. If there is any book you want a review or opinion on, just leave a comment!


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