Review: Greater – Steven Furtick

Title: Greater
Author: Steven Furtick
Goodreads Rating: 4 of 5 stars
How I Found It: My pastor did a sermon series, and our home groups did a small group Bible study on it. I read it as an optional part of the series.

Summary: Following the story of OT prophet Elisha from the moment Elijah named him as successor, Furtick draws parallels with his life and the lives of many others with Elisha’s path from ordinary to greater. His overall goal is for his readers to understand that we need to look past becoming “great”, in order to truly become greater for God’s glory.

My Thoughts: I found this book to be an easy read, and at times I found Furtick’s style difficult or annoying; particularly his use of conversational humor that felt a bit interruptive. Based off of the accompanying DVD curriculum, and his writing style, I would say that Furtick is well suited as a pastor, preaching these lessons, but receiving them in written form is effective as well. By sharing this in written form, he is able to expound on ideas, lessons, and stories that would otherwise be lost in the more condensed sermon format. This book is full of inspiring stories of finding God’s greater plan in the details, concentrating not on the grandiose dreams of the world but rather on how God wants to make your individual life greater and offers an opportunity to come to understand and study the bible books of 1 and 2 Kings. If you are looking for a personal read, or a small group study, I would recommend this as you can order the DVD series and small group study guide to accompany the book.

Recommended for: Small groups, seeking or struggling Christians, anyone who wants to know what God’s got up his sleeve.


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    My review of Greater by Pastor Steven Furtick. Easy read, works well when read alongside a small group study. Definitely gets you thinking on what it is God wants to do with you, rather than focusing on what you want to do for God.


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