Why 50 Shades of Grey Is Really Black & White | Bravely You

I have seen many (MANY) commentaries on the 50 Shades’ phenomenon the past while, as I am sure we all have. However, this post over at Bravely You both cries to Jesus-loving heart of mine, and makes an incredible point about this book. The following quote pretty much sums up what I believe to be the larger issue at hand:

I have not read the books or seen the movie. I don’t need to. I have researched the phenomenon because I believe 50 Shades’ popular success is an alarming snapshot of our society’s underlying views on women and violence. How else does a critically ridiculed book series almost universally agreed upon as reprehensible in both content and style stay on the New York Times Bestseller list for 30+ weeks? Not to mention a record setting opening weekend for the movie version heralded as equally bad.

via Why 50 Shades of Grey Is Really Black & White | Bravely You.

I have pretty much just told you how I feel about 50 Shades’ but I’m curious, what are your views?


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