The Dreaded Introduction Post…

Welcome to Books n’ Things!

My name is Kristi and I’m a self-proclaimed Bookworm.

My nose is always in some sort of book. Whether it be a devotional or my Bible, a novel, something to do with personal/work development, Christian living or even just interesting things. My family is consistently telling stories of a toddler sized Kristi, barely able to speak or walk, asking people to read the “Ency-olo-pedia” to me or running around the house like a broken record with a toddlers voice saying, “Book? Book? Book?”

I like books, okay?

Anyways, I have wanted to share some of these books and my thoughts on them for a long time now, but with the vast array of books I am reading do not fit the feel of my other blogs. My intention is to share reviews and recommendations, bookish articles and news stories, and other book related things.

Join me as I share my own personal library with you, and please leave your thoughts or recommendations in the comments section!



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